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Dr. Paulin Coulibaly

Contact Information

Paulin Coulibaly, Professor
Jointly in School of Geography & Earth Sciences
and the Department of Civil Engineering

Office: General Science Building, Rm 235
Tel: (905) 525-9140 ext. 23354
Fax: (905) 546-0463


PDF Research Topic Current Affiliation
Dr. Zahra

FloodNet: Theme 3-1 Evaluation of flood forecasting and warning systems across Canada

FloodNet: Theme 3 Development of Canadian Adaptive Flood Forecasting Early Warning System (CAFFEWS)


Dr. Poulomi Ganguli FloodNet: Theme 1 Flood Regimes in Canada Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Dr. Kim-Huong Hoang Remote sensing -
Dr. Tara Razavi FloodNet: Theme 3-4 Development of Canadian Adaptive Flood Forecasting Early Warning System (CAFFEWS) Ryerson University
Dr. Jongho Keum

Integrated Water Monitoring Network Design and Evaluation

FloodNet: Theme 3-4 Development of Canadian Adaptive Flood Forecasting Early Warning System (CAFFEWS)

McMaster University
Dr. Abdelhaleem Khader Integrated Water Monitoring Network Design and Evaluation An-Najah National University
Dr. Gift Dumedah Data Assimilation for Improved Hydrologic Forecasting Monash University
Dr. Jos Samuel

Simulating Continuous Flow Regime in Ungauged Basins

Assessing Model State Variation in Hydrologic Data Assimilation

Developing Decision Support Tool for Hydrometric Monitoring Networks Design and Evaluation

Ontario Power Generation
Dr. Ashok Mishra Evaluation of Canadian Hydrometric Network Clemson University
Dr. Yonas Dibike Downscaling of Global Climate Model Outputs for Flood Frequency Analysis in the Saguenay River System University of Victoria

Han, Shasha, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Civil Engineering

Leach, James M., Ph.D Candidate, Department of Civil Engineering

Awol, Frezer, Ph.D Candidate, Department of Civil Engineering

Wijayarathne, Dayal, Ph.D Candidate, School of Geography and Earth Sciences

Darbandsari, Pedram, Ph.D Candidate, Department of Civil Engineering

Zanchetta, Andre D. L., Ph.D Candidate, Department of Civil Engineering

Ursulak, Jacob P., M.A.Sc. Candidate, Department of Civil Engineering

Shasha Han, Ph.D.  Candidate



Research Topic: Hybrid Ensemble Bayesian Forecasting System (HEBFS)

My research topic is flood forecasting, the objective is to develop a hybrid ensemble Bayesian forecasting system (HEBFS) to further improve flood forecast accuracy and reliability. The proposed HEBFS aims to generate an ensemble of probabilistic flood forecasts through multi-model combination based on the existing Bayesian forecasting system (BFS). It shall be able to quantify all major sources of uncertainties, provide probabilistic forecasts in the form of predictive distribution which expresses not only the predictand but also the degree of confidence.



James Leach

James M. Leach, Ph.D  Candidate




Research Topic: Data Assimilation for Enhanced Hydrologic Forecasting



Frezer Awol, Ph.D  Candidate




Research Topic: Hydrologic Models Identification for Adaptive Ensemble Flood Forecasting



Dayal Wijayarathne, Ph.D  Candidate




Research Topic: Use of real-time, spatially distributed radar rainfall for enhanced flood forecasting



Pedram Darbandsari, Ph.D  Candidate




Research Topic: Probabilistic Ensemble Flood Forecasting Framework



Andre D. L. Zanchetta, Ph.D  Candidate




Research Topic: Data-driven methods applied to flash flood forecasting



Jacob P. Ursulak, M.A.Sc.  Candidate




Research Topic: Design of hydrometric networks for flood forecasting applications using entropy and multi-objective optimization based methods



Student Thesis Title Current Affiliation
Jetal Agnihotri, M.Sc. Evaluation of Snowmelt Estimation Techniques for Enhanced Spring Peak Flow Prediction United Nations University
Connor Werstuck, M.A.Sc. Dual Entropy Multi-Objective Optimization Application to Hydrometric Network Design Ontario Power
Marc D'Allesandro, M.Sc. Development of intensity-duration-frequency curves using local and regional scale methods City of Hamilton
Sophia Xiaojun Pan, M.Sc. Estimating Root Zone Soil Moisture for A Large Area Using Artificial Neural Networks Unknown
Mark Green,
Using Low Impact Development Practices to Retrofit an Urban Neighbourhood for Water Quality Improvements City of St. Catharines
Kurt Kornelsen,
Downscaling of Satellite Observations for High Resolution Hydrological Modelling Ontario Power
Tara Razavi,
Streamflow Prediction in Ungauged Basins Using Regionalization Methods Ryerson University
Harris Switzman, M.A.Sc. Water for Food: An Assessment of the Impacts of Global Environmental Change and Water Conservation on Dryland Groundwater Sustainability in Wadi El Naturn, Egypt Independent consultant
Shamarokh Arjumand, M.Sc.

Hydrological impact of climate change on drainage basins

Sajjad Khan,

Climate change impact on water resources with uncertainty estimates

Ministry of Environment of Ontario
John Xiaogang Shi, M.Sc.

Impact of climate change on future design standards

Ioannis Daliakopoulos, M.Sc.

Groundwater level forecasting using ANNs

Technical University of Crete, Greece
Sherry Xiaoli Liu, M.Sc.

Downscaling meteorological predictions for short-term hydrologic forecasting

Tarana Solaiman, M.A.Sc.

Air pollution modelling an d forecasting using data-driven

AMEC Foster Wheeler
Zakia Sultana, M.A.Sc.

Distributed modelling of Spencer Creek watershed and
assessment of future changes in hydrological processes

Manu Sharma,

Comparison of downscaled RCM and GCM data for hydrologic impact assessment

Stanford University, CA
Sadik Ahmed,

Hydrologic ensemble predictions using ensemble meteorological forecasts

Civica Infrastructure
Farhan Khan,

Determining future changes in Environmental flow




Student | Year Research Topic Affiliation
Mattia Neri, Ph.D. | 2019 Inclusion of entropy terms in catchment similarity analysis with
PUB purposes.
Università di Bologna